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Create an app to solve your business needs

At Capable Koala, we create apps because we believe that is an excellent tool for both small and large businesses to streamline business processes.

The has grown to a considerable size (over 180,000 customers), yet only a few hundred apps available in the marketplace - significantly fewer than more established comparable marketplaces (e.g. atlassian’s marketplace for jira/confluence).

We anticipate that the next year or two will witness a substantial expansion in the variety of apps available. Early builders have the opportunity to establish a stronghold in marketshare.

What We Do

  1. Custom Apps Tailored for Your Company: We address a very specific problem or integration need your company faces. This may include a custom API integration, or a specific workflow for items which cannot be achieved with standard automations.
  2. App Development for Marketplace Listing: We help you develop apps for listing in the marketplace, enabling you to generate recurring revenue from the monday store. Many apps are suitable for this approach.

Our Process

App development projects are spearheaded by Ben, our founder, who brings over 15 years of experience in crafting software for startups, large multinationals, and in fields as varied as reusable coffee cups and regulated medical devices.

We provide a clear statement of work and a fixed-price contract for the development of the app we define together.

You retain the IP and full rights to monetize your app.

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